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Hospitality and Beverage Institute (HBI) was created in the spring of 2007 by Mr. Dan Gilbertson, President and CEO, of Mainstreet Entertainment, in Tallahassee, Florida. Mr. Gilbertson has owned and operated establishments near Florida State University and Florida A&M University since 1994 and has seen first hand the issues of underage and excessive drinking. During his fourteen years of bar ownership, he has worked within the North Florida community to bring about change and more visibility to the issues facing the hospitality industry. He created the Tallahassee Bar Owners Association, and worked with the Jim Peters Group to develop a community round table. All of this experience has made him an expert on drinking laws and the procedures of administrative licenses. It has brought him to the conclusion that, every licensee throughout the country faces the same issues. Over the years, special interest groups and some state lawmakers have set out to express concerns and stiffen legislation regarding the selling and serving of alcohol, ID checking, and promotional practices. However, the pundits have concluded that a good deal of the frustration is pointed in the wrong direction. HBI has set out to do something about giving the hospitality industry a substantive curriculum and a broader voice nationwide.


In 2008, HBI also added FOOD SAFETY training to the curriculum to educate managers and employees throughout the United States. The on-line course trains food handlers in food handling, hygiene, food borne illnesses, food allergens, food operations, food holding regulations, HACCP systems management, and restaurant sanitation.

In 2008, HBI became a member of the National Restaurant Association.

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